Diligence is the key in life.
What can one achieve without striving?
Chinese Proverb
As the Founder of Skywalker, I have a unique opportunity to formulate a tailor-made asset platform to engage in global investments without prior constraints. The family motto provides clarity and purpose and serves as the nucleus of the organisation. This valued wisdom guides our business ethics with unwavering diligence.

Through prudent planning, we have crafted a team of skilled specialists possessing decades of management presence, along with a robust advisory board comprised of esteemed veterans in various disciplines to navigate Skywalker through the evolving business landscape.
Our investment approach is to achieve optimal asset allocation through a diverse array of holdings across multiple asset class while upholding the family’s principle of Responsible Value Investing (RVI) with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations integrated into the practices.

The management team evaluates each investment holistically, employing an inclusive approach to responsibly align the Group’s interest to contribute positively to the global environment. We adamantly refuse to engage with organisations that have detrimental impact on society.
Those who keep learning, will keep rising in life.
Charles T. Munger, Former Vice-Chairman Berkshire Hathaway
The Group embraces the practice of lifelong learning in order to stay relevant in the face of constant change while remaining responsive to emerging trends in both traditional and new economies to ensure long term sustainable growth.

Beyond sustainable investment, Skywalker participates in philanthropic efforts and is active in community and education initiatives fostering societal well-being.  Serving as stewards, Skywalker will continue to contribute to the environment as well as society through sensible means.
Alexander W.W. Ho
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive