Honorary Advisor

Eddie P.C. Ho was a co-founder of Hopewell Holdings, a Hong Kong based property and infrastructure conglomerate. Though of humble beginnings, he defied all odds with diligence, prudence and perseverance and emerged as a highly respected entrepreneur where he had made significant contributions to the economic prosperity of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region in China.

Ho was born in 1932 in Shanghai but fled to Hong Kong to avoid the perils of war in the 1940’s. Lacking a privileged education, he faced numerous challenges, working multiple shifts and taking on various jobs. Undeterred by adversity, his tireless work ethic and pursuit of excellence enabled him to commence his own venture, Hong Kong Insurance Agency Limited. From providing General Insurance to the thriving service sector in the 1960’s, he established a reputation that was second to none in the Insurance industry with sound intuition and credible advice. Business flourished and insurance partners were impressed at Ho’s innate ability to substantially increase their insurance premiums. With the full backing of these partners, Ho looked to the prosperous property sector to further strengthen his growing Insurance portfolio. A chance encounter charted a new course for Ho’s business horizon after he met a gentleman who would play an integral part to his life.
Eddie Ho partnered with Sir Gordon Wu (GBS, KCMG, FICE) for 50 years through mutual respect and shared common principals.
They met via an introduction from Wu’s brother when Ho was pitching to sell insurance products to Wu family’s property business. The two struck up an immediate rapport and the rest was history.

"Before listing his company, Wu had formed a partnership with a man who would play a key role in Hopewell as the company grew and expanded: Eddie Ho, who brought an important stabilising influence to the business. He was happy to keep a low profile and let Wu take the limelight, but he played a major part in managing the firm."

The Man Who Turned The Lights On GORDON WU Chapter 4 Moving a Mountain: Page 49 By Rosemary Sayer
Together they built Hopewell Holdings into a property and infrastructure powerhouse.
$125 Million HKD
Hopewell Holdings was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1972. The Group raised $125 Million HKD ($15.9 Million USD) through the biggest fundraising venture ever seen in Hong Kong at that time.
From being a pre-eminent property developer in Hong Kong upon its listing to capitalising on the then paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China, Deng Xiao Ping’s adoption of the open-door policy in the late 1970’s, Hopewell contributed greatly to the economic transformation of China and was the largest foreign enterprise invested into the PRC at the time.

Hopewell spearheaded multiple large scale infrastructure initiatives which were first of its kind in China that yielded significant economic growth which improved the livelihood of communities within Guangdong province.

Wu, known by the media as Asia’s “Mr Fix- it”, was skilled in identifying problems, dissecting complexities and formulating simple elegant solutions, while Ho was a master strategist and executioner with a reputation of closing seemingly impossible deals.

Ho’s extensive experience in implementation of property development and major infrastructure strategic development projects complemented Wu’s grand corporate vision.

Wu’s foresight in identifying untapped potential and Ho’s ability to transform this potential into tangible opportunities helped transform Hopewell into an infrastructure solution provider for China and other Asia emerging economies. Their contributions to China were duly noted by various levels of the PRC Government as both Wu and Ho were awarded honorary citizenships in various parts of the Pearl River Delta.

Eddie Ho was a mentor to many entrepreneurs and professionals who had the privilege to associate with him.  A firm believer of credibility and mutual trust, he also emphasized the importance of discreet acts of kindness. His humble nature and commitment to giving back to society exemplified his character and made him a role model for aspiring leaders.